Training you can trust.

At the Ruff House, we use a positive-reinforcement method of training that provides an understanding of how a dog’s mind works, so you can build the relationship with your dog through clear communication and body language. We work to predict, prevent and redirect unwanted behaviors and reinforce the behaviors we want and expect.

Private Packages

Puppy Level 1: 12 weeks and younger

5 weeks – 45 min per sessions – $175

  • Name recognition, focus, sit, settle down, wait, socialization.
  • Relief from common puppy behaviors: play biting, jumping, etc.

Puppy Level 2: 3 months – 1 year

5 weeks – 1 hour sessions – $200

  • Increased focus, loose leash walking, down, leaves it, drop it, come when called, socialization.
  • Basic obedience: greeting new people, settle down, door rushing, jumping

Flash Courses

3 weeks – 1 hour sessions or (2) 30 min sessions per week $125

  • Loose leash walking
  • Door Rushing
  • Socialization

Group Packages

Level 1 Class: 6 months and under
5 weeks – 1 hour sessions – $150

6 months – 1 year
5 weeks – 1 hour sessions – $150

1 year +
5 weeks – 1 hour sessions – $150

A word from our trainer…

“Hi, my name is Anna Grantham. I grew a love for dog training while volunteering at local shelters in my area. A large percentage of the dogs I’ve seen have severe behavioral issues, a lack of socialization, and will more than likely not find homes because of these issues. I began researching and learning as much as I could, in hopes that if I trained the dogs living at the shelter, they would be more likely to find a loving home.
By doing this, I gained valuable experience with a variety of breeds, sizes, ages and temperaments. My professional training experience began to grow during my 6 years of employment with various open-play pet hotels and “doggy daycares”. To further my knowledge of canine behavior, I have attended conferences and seminars with the IAABC, the International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants.
I believe in using positive reinforcement and clear communication when working with clients and their dogs. The client-involved training that I offer ensures the dog will have better manners and obedience skills as well as the owner having an understanding to how their dogs mind works, and why they act the way they do. By using a play-driven curriculum, training your dog can be a fun experience for the whole family!”

Don’t forget to sign up for class! You can email or call us at 251-626-6702!