About Us

How we began…

The owner of the Ruff House, Gloria Liu, was heavily involved in rescue efforts and fostering in the area.  In November of 2013, Gloria had agreed to foster a senior Australian shepherd named Noah. Although he had a foster offer and a rescue group who was willing to save him, Noah was ruthlessly put down.  This event had a significant impact on Gloria’s life, and she put her wedding planning on hold and funneled resources and efforts towards a project that would make a big impact on the pet community.

Our Facility

The Ruff House places a priority on providing the utmost level of quality care to its clients. There is over 4,000 square feet of air-conditioned indoor area and a secure, fenced outdoor area.  The floors of the play areas are covered in slip-proof rubber matting that helps absorb the shock of a high level of activity on the joints and prevents tumbles and falls.  We are conveniently located close to I-10 and the Jubilee Square (across the street from Home Depot and the Fresh Market). 

Our Values

All employees at the Ruff House love dogs and treat them with respect and affection.  We would like to enhance the relationship between a dog and his or her family by providing resources for training, physical exercise, and mental enrichment.